Daily Links: Saturday, Apr 20th, 2024

I recently stumbled across some fascinating reads that beautifully blend leadership, creativity, and innovation. From exploring how good leaders focus on elevating others rather than just themselves to visualizing algorithms in a way that turns complex data into art, there’s a lot to dive into. Plus, there’s practical advice for engineering leaders aiming for high-level roles, a simple take on mastering calculus, and why a ‘WTF Notebook’ might just be the key to problem-solving on your team. I also found a thought-provoking piece on prioritizing execution over strategy in startups and the power of intentional curiosity. And for a bit of intrigue, there’s the story of a museum employee who decided to become part of the art exhibit in an unexpected way.


Daily Links: Friday, Apr 19th, 2024

In today’s roundup, we’re diving into a blend of innovation, changes, and insights! From the story of 8 Google employees who reshaped AI with their “Transformers” paper, to a key Apple designer’s departure, and the clever use of a Raspberry Pi for budget-friendly digitization. Plus, Lexington’s new approach to DNA testing for faster justice, .NET’s scalable gateway for Microsoft AI, and a fresh perspective on using embeddings in AI applications. Don’t miss how to sleep better, the underestimated challenge of centering in computer science, key takeaways from the Global Media Congress, the importance of staying attentive to customer engagement, and a provocative view on the evolution of creativity in media. An eclectic mix that promises something for everyone!


Daily Links: Thursday, Apr 18th, 2024

In this week’s blog post, I dive into the nitty-gritty of Kentucky Derby contenders’ performance, explore how Newsweek is integrating AI into their newsroom, and unravel why some of us have a poor sense of direction. Additionally, I compare AI product strategies from leading companies and offer a tutorial on converting plain text to HTML using vanilla JavaScript. It’s a mix of sports, tech innovation, and practical coding tips!


Daily Links: Wednesday, Apr 17th, 2024

Dive into today’s intriguing reads! From speculation about digital publishing’s future in 2024 to the craft of building your own GPS receiver. Get philosophical with 11 life-simplifying razors, understand why suppressing boredom could zap your work productivity, and maximize your terminal setup for better efficiency. Ever wondered about the ultimate grilled cheese? We explore 56 varieties! Plus, delve into birth order dynamics and discover why de-atomization might just be the key to happiness.


Daily Links: Monday, Apr 15th, 2024

Just dived into a treasure trove of fascinating reads! From how sleeping more can cleanse our brains, to AI transforming baseball in ways we never imagined. I also explored sustainable living with self-install solar kits from Sunboxlabs, and got excited about CodeGemma’s release by Google, making coding more accessible. Warren Buffett’s secret to a fulfilled life got me thinking, and I’m now eyeing some AI courses to boost my tech skills. Can’t wait to share these gems with you!


Daily Links: Sunday, Apr 14th, 2024

In today’s blog roundup, I dive into the fascinating world of LLM quantization to enhance efficiency on minimal resources, share personal insights on recognizing your productivity patterns (hello Thursday wall!), and spill the beans on boosting conversion rates and skyrocketing email open rates with surefire strategies. Whether it’s tech deep dives or marketing magic, there’s something for every curious mind.


Daily Links: Saturday, Apr 13th, 2024

This week’s blog roundup dives into a wealth of topics for the curious and forward-thinking minds. From exploring why developers aren’t shipping faster, to the principles of calm companies over frenzied ones, and the under-discussed importance of mental health in software engineering. We’re also touching on insights into developer productivity, the nuanced approach to identifying ‘root causes’ in tech incidents, and the intriguing use of facial recognition in image glitching. Plus, don’t miss out on reviving your productivity with a comprehensive workshop, leadership lessons from decades ago, the resurgence of print magazines, understanding the waning interest in news among under-35s, and cutting-edge perspectives on AI’s future role in our lives. Join me on this knowledge journey!


Daily Links: Thursday, Apr 11th, 2024

In my latest adventures through the depths of the internet, I’ve uncovered gems that touch on the essence of self-improvement and the intriguing world of AI. From engineering reliable systems out of the unreliable to mastering the art of conversation with anyone, I’m diving into it all. Whether it’s embracing our future selves, rethinking how we tackle bad habits, or the nuances of making definitive decisions, join me as I explore these paths. Each piece offers unique insights, from constructing AI with consistency to personal growth tips that are anything but ordinary. Let’s embark on this journey together, shall we?


Daily Links: Wednesday, Apr 10th, 2024

In my latest blog post, I dive into a diverse set of topics. First, I stress the importance of simplifying work processes before jumping into automation, to prevent costly inefficiencies. Then, I explore how companies can thoughtfully integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) into their products, offering a fresh perspective on this tech buzzword. I’ve also stumbled upon an intriguing NTP clock project that tinkers with the ESP 12F. And for those questioning their need for cloud computing services, there’s an insightful piece that might just make you think twice. Last but not least, I shed light on a forgotten heroine of tech, Lore Harp McGovern, who built a microcomputer empire from her suburban home. Join me on this fascinating journey through innovation, history, and practical tech advice!