Daily Links: Saturday, Feb 17th, 2024

In this week’s roundup, I’m diving into a treasure trove of intriguing reads, from mastering the art of fast clone backups on a Mac to the nostalgic DNS and DHCP setups that just work. Did you know Bob Moore, the genius behind Bob’s Red Mill, started his journey in a completely different field? And for those looking to keep an eye on their budget, I’ve stumbled upon a goldmine—a daily tracker for Trader Joe’s prices! There’s a fascinating piece on the AI note-taking app, Reor, that’s piqued my interest, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the insights from a post that captures decades of programming wisdom. For the tech-savvy, Linear is redefining software development, while another article uncovers three critical keys to thriving in business. Lastly, a thought-provoking piece on overfitting reminds us of the fine line between learning from experience and being overly cautious.


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