Daily Links: Saturday, Mar 9th, 2024

Hey everyone! This week on the blog, we’ve covered a plethora of intriguing topics ranging from tech to lifestyle. If you’re into robotics, we’ve got a starter guide on building a simple app-controlled robot dog. For the thinkers, there’s a deep dive into Conway’s Law and its impact on team dynamics. We’re questioning the sufficiency of school education and exploring the journeys of Bauer Media Group and Grupo RBS with GenAI. If perfectionism is your Achilles’ heel, there’s a must-read piece with actionable advice. Plus, fitness enthusiasts, there’s a self-hosted workout tracker just for you. Curious how to improve concentration or make risk-aware product decisions? We’ve discussed that too, along with the art of product-led onboarding, Rivian’s exciting new electric SUVs, innovative smart ceiling light panels, and the benefits of building the perfect board of advisors. Dive in for an enriching reading experience!


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