Daily Links: Tuesday, Apr 2nd, 2024

This week on the blog, I’m diving into a treasure trove of insights, from dissecting the art of distinguishing valuable signals amidst the noise to exploring the existential musings triggered by a closer look at Westworld’s robotic allure. I also touch on the intriguing revelations about the XZ Backdoor, ponder on why some clothes shrink post-wash, and share nuggets of wisdom for engineers seeking to deepen their technical expertise. Plus, an imaginative take on economics through the lens of food awaits, alongside a critical perspective on propaganda and the unexpected pitfalls of after-hours work on productivity. Don’t miss the exciting discussion on how micro-breaks can revolutionize your workday, and a behind-the-scenes look at the FBI’s unparalleled sting operation. Join me as I navigate through these diverse topics, aiming to enlighten and inspire.


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