Daily Links: Tuesday, Feb 6th, 2024

Hey folks! Just wanted to share some incredible finds from my week’s reading adventures. I dove into how to build a robust Multi-GPU system for deep learning — it’s not as daunting as it sounds! Then, I got a bit of homelab excitement with my first week using Proxmox on a mini PC. Also stumbled upon a hilarious mishap where an F1 team’s opportunity got lost in a spam folder—can you believe that? And for my wellness enthusiasts, I found some super helpful stretches to finally tackle those stubborn tight shoulders. Plus, a bit of enlightenment on making worthwhile investments in life and career. Stay tuned for more tidbits on lighting up your home, understanding the magic behind small language models, and a curious piece on Publix’s political maneuvers. Can’t wait to dive deeper into these with you all!


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