Daily Links: Wednesday, Feb 21st, 2024

This week’s blog post roundup is packed with gems! We dive into the real-world engineering challenges faced by ChatGPT as it scaled to meet demand. I also explore the intriguing contrasts between walking meetings and whiteboard sessions, the essentials of building a second brain with the Fieldstone Method, and a simple guide to creating your own GPT-like voice assistant. Plus, there’s a look at DIY 3D scanning, setting up the perfect online press kit, and the struggle of independent sites against digital giants. Further, I’ve highlighted an unconventional productivity tip using a never-ending .txt file, a pragmatic approach to AI workflow integration, and a surprising trick to compute limits more accurately. Foodies will love the carrot recipes, and there’s a peek into the hunt for new physics at the world’s largest particle collider. Don’t miss strategies for an accelerating future and making your own Cured Salmon Gravlax that’s shockingly simple yet luxurious.


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