The Oatmeal: Eclipse 2024


Daily Links: Tuesday, Apr 9th, 2024

In my latest blog roundup, I dive into a multifaceted exploration of topics ranging from the intriguing concept of modular monoliths inspired by Game of Thrones to innovative DIY solutions for keeping your workshop dust-free. I also share a glimpse into enhancing productivity with a simplified morning routine, including meditation and gratitude practices, and address the critical yet often overlooked aspects of responsive web design, demonstrating its importance across different devices. Additionally, the revival of print in a digital world is celebrated through a high school newspaper’s journey to foster community spirit. Whether you’re looking for tech insights, self-improvement tips, or just some curious reads, this collection has a bit of everything.


xkcd: Dependency


Daily Links: Monday, Apr 8th, 2024

In today’s blog post, I’m diving deep into the insights that have shaped my approach to business and digital transformation, drawing from my extensive experience at Microsoft. I’ll also share a gem about crafting constructive feedback in code reviews – a must-read for any tech leader aiming to foster growth and improvement in their team. Join me on this journey to better business agility and becoming the ultimate CEO whisperer.


Daily Links: Sunday, Apr 7th, 2024

In my latest exploration of diverse topics, from drilling down on the intricacies of statistical power with the Delta Method in A/B testing, converting Ryobi batteries for kids’ ride-on cars, to unveiling the top product roadmap tools of 2024, there’s a wealth of knowledge to delve into. Plus, a unique dive into de-bogging oneself and a compelling case for schedule-syncing over micromanaging. Dive in with me into these fascinating discussions!


Daily Links: Saturday, Apr 6th, 2024

In this week’s eclectic roundup, we delve into the art of showing appreciation at work, uncover the secrets behind HubSpot’s $30B success story, and sniff out the latest research on the science of smell. Also on the agenda: exploring Pinterest’s innovative Text-to-SQL project, highlighting the dark world of HTML email security, dissecting credit card rewards programs, and much more. Whether you’re a tech aficionado, a future-focused professional, or simply curious, there’s something here for everyone. Join me as we navigate through fascinating insights and discoveries from various corners of the digital world!


Daily Links: Friday, Apr 5th, 2024

Hey, blog readers! Just dropped some rich pieces you might find intriguing. From celebrating the launch of Redict 7.3.0, a stable version that’s shaking up the Redis® OSS community, to uncovering the chilling use of AI by the Israeli army in Gaza. There’s a deep dive into accelerating local LLM inference on Intel platforms, and some investigative tips on unravelling the mystery of shell companies’ true owners. Fancy using AI to plan your next trip or achieve better sleep with a portable blackout curtain? There’s something on that too. Plus, a must-read for newsletter publishers on setting up SPF and DKIM. Dive in for these curated gems!


Daily Links: Thursday, Apr 4th, 2024

This week on the blog, we dive into a variety of intriguing topics—cooking up projects with AI in Mr. Maeda’s Cozy Kitchen, getting a crash course on responsive images for ASP.NET Core developers, and exploring the integration of GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio. We also dig into the distinctive qualities of GenZ software engineers, offer a visual intro to transformers and their importance in deep learning, and ponder why your latest project might not be getting the sign-ups it deserves. Plus, we review the thought-provoking read “Tidy First?”, groove to Lo-fi Succession beats, and discuss bringing Python to Cloudflare workers using Pyodide and WebAssembly. Join us as we build, learn, and innovate together!


Daily Links: Wednesday, Apr 3rd, 2024

This week, I’ve dived into everything from the essentials of logo terminology to the early design insights of Spotify. I’ve explored the core product design principles that balance innovation with user behavior, examined how data shapes the financial services landscape, and even looked at the strategic shift from “Product First” to “Product Last”. Plus, don’t miss the discussion on Kim Mulkey’s reaction to a critical profile – it’s quite the read!


Daily Links: Tuesday, Apr 2nd, 2024

This week on the blog, I’m diving into a treasure trove of insights, from dissecting the art of distinguishing valuable signals amidst the noise to exploring the existential musings triggered by a closer look at Westworld’s robotic allure. I also touch on the intriguing revelations about the XZ Backdoor, ponder on why some clothes shrink post-wash, and share nuggets of wisdom for engineers seeking to deepen their technical expertise. Plus, an imaginative take on economics through the lens of food awaits, alongside a critical perspective on propaganda and the unexpected pitfalls of after-hours work on productivity. Don’t miss the exciting discussion on how micro-breaks can revolutionize your workday, and a behind-the-scenes look at the FBI’s unparalleled sting operation. Join me as I navigate through these diverse topics, aiming to enlighten and inspire.