Addition by Subtraction

Life can be improved by adding, or by subtracting. The world pushes us to add, because that benefits them. But the secret is to focus on subtracting.

Imagine a horizontal line, with 0 on the left and 20 on the right. I want to be in the middle, at 10. But I’m at 17.

“What can I add to get to 10? I tried adding 8 but that didn’t work. Maybe 3 would help. I should go all-out and add 50.”

No amount of adding will get me where I want to be.

Source: Subtract | Derek Sivers

Bracketology 2018: T-30 days and counting

With only 30 days left until Selection Sunday, I figured it would be a good time to start sharing my predicted brackets and final outcome. I’ve been refining my methodology over the past few years; it’s never aligned with what the selection committee has picked, but it has come fairly close. Continue reading Bracketology 2018: T-30 days and counting