Daily Links: Tuesday, Jul 2nd, 2024

Hey there! This blog post covers a bunch of fascinating topics, from building pixel-perfect cross-platform .NET applications with Avalonia to delving into the world of Fast Fourier Transforms and polynomials. There’s also a heartfelt piece on the importance of kindness over being the smartest in the room, insights into GQ’s shift away from algorithm-focused strategies, and much more. Dive in and explore!


Daily Links: Monday, Jul 1st, 2024

Hey readers, in this post, I’ve rounded up some can’t-miss links! From reviewing the 2025 Polestar 4’s impressive steering and eco-friendly features to a versatile keychain multi-tool, and even a tasty Vietnamese chicken salad recipe. Plus, insights on planning your week in Big Tech and how to leverage boredom for creativity. Enjoy these varied reads and let me know your thoughts!


Daily Links: Sunday, Jun 30th, 2024

In my latest blog post, I share planning tips for July 2024, explore how chimpanzees use medicinal plants, investigate the viral craze over mutant candy, and unveil a genius cheese grater hack for fresh herbs. There’s something for everyone in this eclectic mix! Check it out!


Daily Links: Saturday, Jun 29th, 2024

I just shared a few thought-provoking reads on my blog, including why it’s time to move past the John Calipari era, the importance of appealing to self-interest in feedback, the dangers of the planning fallacy, a deep dive into high vs. low agency information diets, and a bold take on why Joe Biden should drop out. Check them out!


Daily Links: Friday, Jun 28th, 2024

Hey there! In my latest blog post, I explore a variety of fascinating topics: from essential design patterns for data tables to predicting NBA playoff success with stats. I also share culinary delights like Chef Jeremy Ashby’s tomato chutney and hearty 30-gram protein meals. Plus, check out insights on AI in Alzheimer’s prediction, SpaceX’s mission to decommission the ISS, and securing your Gmail like Mark Cuban. Happy reading!


Daily Links: Thursday, Jun 27th, 2024

Hey there! In this blog post, I’ve shared some of the most intriguing reads I’ve come across lately. From a spicy take on tech hiring to tips on having a highly productive day with The Man Morning 1-Day Planner, and even insights into AI, local-first sync, and efficient coding practices. Don’t miss my favorite picks, including the latest from UCSC researchers on energy-efficient LLMs!


Daily Links: Wednesday, Jun 26th, 2024

Hey readers! In my latest blog post, I’ve curated a fantastic list of links covering 3D phone scanning, the buzz around attention metrics in advertising, a mind-blowing yet under-the-radar Apple feature, beloved microfeatures in blogs, and insightful definitions of growth. Plus, take a deep dive into frameworks for prioritizing ideas, identifying system bottlenecks, closing feedback loops, and key product development notes. Dive in! 🌐


Daily Links: Tuesday, Jun 25th, 2024

Hey readers! This post dives into thought-provoking topics like why programmers should stay paranoid, the manager’s chase for endorphins, and groundbreaking discoveries about animals surviving without oxygen. We also explore the burnout from our achievement-obsessed society, delve into the science of mental models, and critique perfectionism. Plus, there’s a cool online CSV editor and insights into synthetic user research. Enjoy!


Daily Links: Monday, Jun 24th, 2024

In this post, I talk about the importance of seeking the “good enough” things in life and avoiding unnecessary sophistication that can dampen our enjoyment. I also share insights on React’s software design and best practices, and introduce the Blank Sheet Method for turning passive reading into active learning to boost comprehension and retention.


Daily Links: Sunday, Jun 23rd, 2024

Hey everyone! This post highlights some interesting articles I’ve come across. Dive into uncovering ChatGPT’s footprint in academic papers, NASA’s Starliner delay, and a tribute to Allan McDonald. Plus, there’s some thought-provoking reads on accountability, finding balance, and the journey of self-improvement. Let’s explore these together and see what insights we can gain!